What is Policy of 4shared.com?

You can read all about 4shared.com Official Terms of Use at the 4shared Terms page.

What is 4shared service abuse?

If you receive an e-mail with a subject Service abuse, it means that some of your files contain unlicensed copies of specific works, or you are engaged in unauthorized activities relating to copyrighted works. You must delete these files from your account as soon as you receive this notification.

What files are considered abusive?

All pornographic material is marked as adult content and access to this material is not permitted on our site. We ban accounts that are created to distribute pornographic or other illegal material.

What is 4shared Copyright Violation Policy?

All the files which violate someone's copyright are deactivated.
For more information, please check the 4shared Copyright Policy overview.

What happens to files containing viruses?

If you are distributing or transmitting any software or other computer files that contain a virus or other harmful component, your account will be banned without further reactivation.

Where are the abusive files moved from the account?

All files that are breaking our Terms of Use, are remaining on their place. However, if an abusive file is being detected in your account, it will be temporarily blocked until you acknowledge the blockage by pressing the link in an e-mail sent to you, and your account will be restored automatically once you delete the file in question.

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